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4Rth Step
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
4rth Step is straight up, in your face, hard rock band with catchy choruses, solid driving riffs and heavy breakdowns. The band originated in Hudson MA, and is currently rocking the Metro-West Massachusetts area. 4rth Step is made up of four brilliant minded and talented musicians, Shaun Larson on guitar, Josh Colpitts on drums, Kris Valukis on bass, and George DiPietro with the vocals. Combined between the four musicians, there is over 30 years of musical experience and talent from four different backgrounds collectively merging together to create the sound that is 4rth Step.

7 Months Later
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Some call it rock, some call it pop, but one things for sure; it’s infectious. Blending sounds of in your face classic rock guitar with modern edgy hooks and keys, the Florida 4 piece knows how to create music that hits right to the hearts with a live show that makes you wonder how you never heard of these guys. The lyrics are heartfelt and honest while the melodies stick in your head like you’ve know it your whole life.

Formed a little over three years ago after years of friendship, the band has quickly found their sound touring around Florida with stops including the Florida Music Festival, opening slots with Sugar Ray, Orlando’s House of Blues with Allstar Weekend(Hollywood Records) and Action Item, Backbooth with Before You Exit, and the Orlando Hard Rock Live. The group brings frontman Chris Ganoudis’s vocals and guitar with lead guitarist Adam Sliger, Bassist Dave Whitmore and drummer Nick Davila to the forefront of Florida’s alt rock scene.With their music featured on WJRR Orlando fans have been hearing a taste of what the band brings to the table. 7 ML has also performed live on WTKS 104.1 FM and has been played on WFXH Rock 106 Savannah and 98.9 WMMO Orlando.

Despite only playing music a few years 7ML sounds well seasoned both recorded and live. The release of the 2010 EP “By the Light” ,produced by Evan Coffman and Brock Berryhill (Alter Bridge/Versa Emerge/Rocket To The Moon) at Starlight Studios, has earned them the respect of peers twice their age.
2011 brought the release(2.19) of the first full CD produced again by Coffman and Berryhill, “Time To Decide” with the singles “Faster, Faster”, “Just Pretend” & “Disengage” hitting radio on top of interviews in January’s Stitched Sound, February’s Axis Magazine, a feature on Alternative Addiction, countless blogs and Fox35 Good Day Orlando. Their music has been a constant top 10 download on Purevolume and Youtube including a spot on the film soundtrack for Real Men Wear Pink.

After spending the spring hitting up Florida including shows at UCF and opening for Minus the Bear at the 2011 Florida Music Festival. The summer brought dates with Ford Motors Drive With a Purpose campaign and headlining shows including the House Of Blues.

A Simple Complax
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
With a slew of unique but contemporary originals, A Simple Complex continues to amass an ever-growing fan base. Their debut album Undo the Damage delivered in its promise to "bring back the days of heavy-laden guitar riffs and thought-inspiring lyrics." (source: Hippo Press)

The music of A Simple Complex has been featured on 13 FM stations across America as well as several internet radio stations and podcasts including Keith and the Girl.  The band has shared stages with national touring acts Korn, Shinedown, Puddle Of Mudd, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, Halestorm, Candlebox, 10 Years, Chevelle, Ra, Powerman 5000, Prong, and several more, in addition to local New England heavyweights Dead Season, Prospect Hill, Craving Lucy, Vegas Temper and many others.

Flo Anito
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Classically trained in voice, piano, and 'cello, Flo Anito began her career as a singer/songwriter career at age 16 when she got her hands on her first guitar. Already rewarded for her musicality with All-State recognition and roles in Summer-stock theatre, songwriting came naturally to this young talent who has quickly proven herself a prolific writer of thought provoking alternative folk/pop songs.

Since her recent graduation from Wesleyan University (CT) with a BA in Music, Flo has made DC her homebase. She heads the local chapter of Just Plain Folks (, an international music networking organization, and has performed and sold her debut cd in venues across New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. Her lively performance style, along with her powerful voice and candid lyrics make her a force to be reckoned with in the future so... look out!

On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Richie Auriemma will take your ears on a folk & roots musical tour from his home state of Washington in the Great Northwest that will make your heart cry & sing in equal degrees, particularly on tunes like "Blue Eyes Cryin".

 When he first moved to Olympia in the late '70's, the town was  a Mecca for long-haired hippie types that sang music much like this, often fueled by tons of espresso & other stimulants. So listening to Richie's vocals & lyrics takes me back to much friendlier times; times full of energy & light, as well as "message".

His favorite track for that kind of nostalgia, actually, is "Okay (So Stoned)"... Stratocaster effects, with his vocal somewhat submerged, like if you were in a submarine, you know, will give you that good ol' "contact high" you've been lookin' for ever since the early '90's, when "PC" took over the world & chased all those great street musicians off the street corners"

Big Green Cherry
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Based out of Manassas, Virginia US, Big Green Cherry presents original and vastly alternative rock. Big Green Cherry sings about peace, sustainability and respect for the Earth.

On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
BP and His original musical sound combine with a melodic and unique vocal, blend with catchy and meaningful lyrics. His preferable style is POP but not limited to other genres such as RnB and Pop, Techno, and Dance Pop.

BP is also a skillful lyricist.Throughout his teenage years, BP had written lyrics for independent singers, bands, and also himself. BP's goal is to bring his uniqueness, his talent, and his experience to the mainstream. BP is a dependable, motivated, personable, talented, marketable, no stranger to success.

BP is currently working on a new album titled “With You In Mind“, which so far have several positive reviews and feedbacks from the industry professionals , executives, as well as fans, and other listeners. BP has played at several festivals, shows, private events, and community events. BP has a couple of his songs licensed to be featured on DVDs and films.

LG Breton
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
For the very first time since the beginning of his musical career, composer /producer /multi-instrumentalist LG Breton finally reveals his craft as a singer-songwriter by delivering, under his own name, a collection of personal songs.

Having composed, produced and performed for countless projects and alongside various artists, it is now time for the world to be introduced to LG Breton’s unique “vintagely-fresh” sound. Discover the offering of this well-known and respected Montreal-based musician: Step into a world that often evokes the British/Psychedelic rock tradition of the late 60’s and 70’s, but with a distinctive North American twist and a decisively 2010 glow to the delivery and production. One could call it "mid-Atlantic" or "trans-era" rock, perhaps?

Lyrically, LG Breton bewitches us with his unique, often tongue-in-cheek and ironic outlook on all matters: love, friendship, social isolation, personal evolution and life in general.  His songs have been labelled “smart”, “quirky”, “luminous”...  The Consider it Done ! material is dynamic, energetic, contagious and will leave you wanting more.  With sold out shows in Montreal and praise from critics, LGB is embarking on a promotioal campaig and a variety of tours in 2011 spreading into 2012.

The Candles
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
The Candles is Josh Lattanzi’s first solo project, encapsulating the varied styles and influences he’s picked up while recording and touring with the likes of Ben Kweller, Albert Hammond, Jr. (The Strokes) and the Lemonheads, to mention just a few.

“Making music with such talented people for so long has been incredibly inspiring. I could keep making albums and touring with these artists who are so damned good at what they do, and I probably will, but it feels like the right time to do something that truly belongs to me,” the multi-instrumentalist says of the inspiration for The Candles’ debut, “Between The Sounds.”

With the first significant free time he had in years, Lattanzi began the process of crafting his debut. From June to October of 2008 he wrote and recorded demos in his New York City apartment. The west coast sounds of the seventies that snaked like a vine from Gram Parsons through Evan Dando and Ryan Adams nestle up nicely to Lattanzi on such tunes as “Let Me Down Easy” and “Between The Sounds” while “Here Or Gone” finds the singer delivering a big “roll down the car windows” chorus that would make Tom Petty smile.

The single "Here or Gone" is available on iTunes now. The full length album "Between The Sounds" is available now.


Clever Things
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Clever Things is a case of music and high-speed internet gone out of control. What should have been a one-time effort from electronic instrumentalist Jeremy Camp and folk singer/songwriter Samantha Wrinkle turned into a full, 10 track album in a matter of 4 weeks. The sound is equal parts electronic beats, ingenious mixing, swelling harmonies, and soulful lyrics all coming together across the 2000 mile distance to make songs that range from wistful to sexy and everywhere in between.

The Cranks
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
With over 50 live performances under their belts, The Cranks write and perform poppy, indie alt-rock like pro's - and they're barely in high school. Greg and Connor deliver a driving rhythm and Haley's bright, clear vocals are beyond her age, their writing far more mature than expected for a teenage band. As a 3-piece, their sound is dynamic and open, punchy and powerful. As a judge on Community Auditions Star of the Day in Feb ’10, Joyce Kulhawik (arts and entertainment anchor for Boston’s WBZ-TV News) called Haley a “triple threat” of great vocals, song writing and guitar playing.

"Showing much more poise than your average fourteen and fifteen-year olds, The Cranks write upbeat pop tunes with an alternative twist...The possibilities buzz in and around lead vocalist Haley Gowland who has a voice that fits in well with 1990's acts like Belly and Throwing Muses." - Wildy's World Blog 6/2010.


Gary Crawford
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

Gary delivers straight ahead old school rock with a few killer ballads thrown in. All tracks are composed by Gary and are recorded at Chrome's Doghouse Studio.

Craving Lucy
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Craving Lucy’s current sound and edgy melodies easily attract rock fans as diverse as the genre’s audiences. The band’s original material straddles the nearly impossible: fresh and familiar. Comprised of passionate vocal performances by Steve Archambault and the talents of guitarist and co-founding member Mark Fitzpatrick, along with bassist Nate Comp and drummer Justin Pacy, the music of Craving Lucy’s universal themes have broad appeal.  Archambault and Fitzpatrick came together in another musical venture and began writing together; developing a cohesive chemistry to compose what would eventually become the sound of Craving Lucy.  Soon, the duo assembled their own band, labeled it Bionic and released a successful four-song EP with Collective Soul producer, Anthony J. Resta.  The EP soon found its way onto the airwaves of mainstream Providence, RI commercial rock station WHJY. The act solidified in 2009 after recruiting drummer Pacy and bassist Comp. With the new members’ musical influences and sensibilities, the combination was explosive.

The Dead Beats
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
If Rock n’ Roll is dead, someone forgot to send this trio from Lowell the memo. Sporting a striped down sound straight out of the rock and punk clubs from the late 1970’s The Dead Beats came to party and are hell bent on taking you for the ride. In an era of self-indulgent bands that care more about their image then their music this band is a breath of whiskey scented fresh air. The Dead Beats just released their first EP and are gaining more fans and recognition every day.

Chris Dukes
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Chris Dukes is an exciting and gifted multi-talented singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist from Albany, New York.

Chris has opened for Third Eye Blind, Marcy Playground, Antigone Rising, Keller Williams, among others, and comedians Colin Quinn and Nick DiPaolo.

Chris has performed on various corporate songs and commercials for General Electric, Kodak, F.Y.E., and "The Home Depot Anthem."

Though primarily drawn to Rock and Pop, his musical influences range through a broad spectrum which is clearly noticeable in his songs. Chris molds his original writing style into songs filled with catchy hooks, poignant lyrics and creative counter-melodies as heard in his new album, "Greater Than Me."
Chris is drawn to anything containing melody and harmony. His singing, vocal styling and delivery is such that audiences can sense the emotion and feeling in his voice.

The Easy Outs
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Gar Francis backs up his bark with a promising bite with a new production of a single by The EASY OUTS “Come On, Come On” on Bongo Boy Records release date: June 22, 2010. “Come On, Come On” is a collaboration between songwriter/guitarist of the legendary 60’s Garage rock band The Doughboys, engineer and owner of House of Vibes Kurt Reil (Kurt is also drummer/singer and songwriter for the Grip Weeds) and the Jersey Shore rock band The Easy Outs.

 With Gar and Kurt behind the board and the powerful Easy Outs behind the glass they have come up with a rock & roll gem full of fun and punch. Born with a classic Rock & Roll voice Bruce Ferguson soars above a masterful bass line by Gage Rowley, and drummer Bernie Branz keeps the snares a blasting straight through. Accompanied by the high warm vocal harmonies of the Grip Weeds this is what makes a garage song a classic. It's not news to anyone that these guys rock.


On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
"We have no fears," says Fairfax guitarist Blake English. "If we're fearless and we write great music, that's good enough for me." Blake and vocalist Heavynn formed Fairfax in Los Angeles in 2008, with young-and-hungry East Coast drummer Dave Rundell recently completing this super-talented trio. "Blake and I have the most amazing chemistry," enthuses the effervescent Heavynn. "We started writing and it was magic; it was crazy!"

Despite being in-demand "hired-gun" musicians with glittering credits (Blake is an acclaimed songwriter/producer/engineer who's worked with Kelly Rowland, Toni Braxton and George Benson; Heavynn has sung background for No Doubt, 2 Pac and T-Boz)., Blake and Heavynn -- who met while writing songs for R&B chart-topper Brandy -- are now prioritizing their own outfit. "I just lost my gumption to give all my babies away to other people," Heavynn, a California native, explains. "When I was working as a songwriter for other peoples' projects for major labels, I had to stick to their vain ... and that was just so restricting and taxing on me as an artist. So I've had a determination to focus on my artistry first."


Faith, My Atheist Love
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Faith, My Atheist Love is the solo project of Canadian songwriter Shane Sparks. Emotional charged, angular indie rock. In 2010, FMAL released the debut album "Broken Lovers". Recorded with emmy winning producer Kristian Harper, "Broken Lovers" is an emotionally charged, intimate album chronicling the break up of his long marriage. On Sept 1, 2011 (fittingly on his 40th birthday), Sparks released the "High Achievers" EP, an exploration of the complication, alienation and disconnect of middle class adult life. is the solo project of Canadian songwriter Shane Sparks. Emotional charged, angular indie rock. In 2010, FMAL released the debut album "Broken Lovers".


Vince Falzone
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Influenced by the songwriting style of Paul McCartney and Sting, and growing up listening to groups like Led Zeppelin, Boston, and Van Halen, Vince developed his own unique style of music. He combines spare, offbeat rock hooks with melodic pop melody, bringing audiences an enjoyable refreshing musical experience.

Growing up in South Florida, Vince began playing guitar during seventh grade after his father taught him some basic chords. From then on Vince was self-taught. He had a natural ability to play by ear and became involved in performing at various in and out of school events. At sixteen he bought a keyboard and began writing his own material and started piano and vocal training. He then continued his education, earned a degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE). This enabled him to build and perfect his production and recording studio Ariey Production. Vince has self produced nine projects in the past and recently, worked with Grammy Award Winner Pete Orta to produce Time In A Jar (Out of Time – Project).

Following his dream of musical success, Vince moved to Los Angeles, California in 1995. Since then, he has performed live at various local events, received multiple print media coverage, local radio interviews and airplay on over 946 stations worldwide.


The Finger
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
The Finger is an indie rock band located in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The band consists of 5 members : Lia Siouti, Noukas Sotiris, Azas Sakis,Nickos Ditsias, Andreas Haralanis.

All the members had already worked together in several projects, which resulted in a special chemistry and connection between them.Sotiris Noukas was the sound engineer in Hypnelia's solo project and Sakis Azas was the guita...rist. Sakis is also a permanent session guitarist in all of Noukas Sotiris projects and productions. Through all these recordings and the endless hours they have spent together, they started to bond and form a strong friendship. This was the beginning of the formation of the band.

Their sound is deeply influenced by the British rock scene but individually their musical influences vary from trip hop to heavy metal sounds. Their debut CD single "Die! Die Superhero!" is planned to be self released on June,10th and distributed digitally worldwide. The band is also planning to start touring after the release of their debut album in September.


the firmament
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
The Firmament was born in Berkeley, CA as the brainchild of Ryan Geldermann and Robert Lawson. After a bit of searching, they found the perfect voice in Lindsay Vance, and thus became a trio.

The band is currently in the studio working hard on their debut album, set to release this fall.



The Furies
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Founded by rocker Lee Moretti, the band known as The Furies with Sonya Perricone in 2010. The Furies have been influenced by the likes of  Jeff Buckley, The Dead Weather, Paramore, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell & Led Zeppelin.

Lee Moretti started the band known as The Furies with Sonya Perricone in 2010. Other members sought and soon to be announced.

For all inquiries please e-mail:




On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Singer, dancer and songwriter Jessica Galan came early and naturally to the stage. The New Jersey native began studying dance at age 8, driven by a passion for ballet, tap, acrobatics, and jazz. At 14, she began to take piano lessons, influenced by her internationally famous father, singer and keyboardist Johnny Galan, and at 15, Galan frequented New York City to study acting.

By the time she was 16, after learning about the music industry by working for her father’s independent record label, Galan landed her first jobs as model and make-up artist. Meanwhile, she was writing poetry (which she began to do at a young age), storing away her lyrical murmurings and rhythms for future songs. At 18, Galan began to professionally record her own original songs, putting her creativity and musical ear to use. Inheriting the fierce musical talent that came down through her bloodline, two of Galan's strongest influences are her grandfather, Nando Galan, one of the most popular Hispanic saxophonists known today and her father, Johnny Galan, who taught her almost everything she knows.

Extremely individual and unique, Galan has been performing her particular style of dance/pop music for thrilled New York audiences, while choreographing, dancing and singing with her team of backup dancers. The musical knowing she received from her family and the opportunity to create an electric intimacy with her audiences are Galan's most treasured gifts.


Paul Geno
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Paul Geno is an unsigned indie singer/songwriter from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and resides in Port Moresby, capital city of PNG. Paul is a published singer/songwriter and registered with UK Performing Rights Society for Music. He creates both words and melodies and has over 30 original songs. Paul is versatile and writes and sings in all genres. Paul can sing in rock, country, soul, blues, jazz and pop genres. Paul’s fans call him the next Bruce Springsteen when he sings rock.

Paul’s latest pop rock hit single is called “Working Class Men” which is Paul’s salute to the working class, since Paul also comes from a working class background. The single “Working Class Men” was released on 15th November 2010 and is receiving heavy airplay in continental USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The mp3 of this single is on sale for 69 cents per download on BoostIndependentMusic website. Paul’s website is due out soon in 2011 and will also feature his tour dates. Paul is currently working on his debut album, which is packed with 11 of his best new songs.
Paul thanks all his fans worldwide for their support and fanmail and wishes them a prosperous 2011. Paul can be reached by snail mail on : The Paul Geno Fan Club, P.O. Box 2055, Port Moresby, NCD 121, Papua New Guinea.


Ghost Council
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Ghost Council started in late 2009 with founding members Justin Gibson formerly of Demophobe on Rhythm Guitar and Brian Croghan formerly of Minor Infection on Drums. They started writing new songs with a fury using some old riffs and some new. They added Benny Sanchez also formerly of Minor Infection on Bass Guitar.

They went through several singers before in early 2010 they found the singer they were looking for. The singer was Tony Elian formerly of Shelturd Hell and Mass Murder Media. The four piece band was now on a fast track for success. The singer added lyrics to the eight songs that the band had written prior and helped write two new songs including "Substance" and "Feel My Wrath".

The band started booking shows with their new found singer. They released limited copies of five song demo "Seeing Ghosts" March 24, 2010. They decided something was missing and started auditioning Lead Guitarists. They went through a few auditions and then a guitarist walked through the door. His name was Josh Umberger. He added the missing piece and the band was set on a lead. He was welcomed to the band shortly after and put on the bill for the band's upcoming concerts.

Go For Launch
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Go For Launch started in mid-2009. After the breakup of a previous band, we wanted to bring back the enthusiam for what we live to do. Each musician brings a variety of influences to develop our sound such as R&B, jazz, progressive rock, fusion, ska, and reggae. The one constant among the group: groove. We continue to write new music and explore the genres


GraveYard Punx
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
In the summer of 93 Tom Damien set out to put together a great rock band. He enlisted friends James Jasinski on guitar, Bill Randazzo on Bass and Dennis Amey on drums. The stage was set, the players were ready. Their first show August of 93 was at Mr. Musichead, tape and cd store that showcased local bands, the show went great.

Shortly afterward though in 95 GYP replaced James Jasinski and Bill Randazzo with guitarist Brian Tomzack and bassist Lee Melvisin. A full band again, GraveYard Punx attacked the local scene with their hard hitting punk/ gothic metal style. A show at Mr. Musichead kicked off the local tour of Michigan. Making the rounds playing at Paychecks in Hamtramck, the Irock in Detroit, to name a couple. GraveYard Punx went into the studio to record their demo “Raw” mid 96 at Diversion Studio's in Southfield. The rest of the year turned out to be a big year for the Punx with a string of shows in the local scene, The Head lining spot on opening night for Earthfest 96, they were the loudest and the only band to get a mosh pit going.


Half Blacklit Shack
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
In the fall of 2007, a trio of talented musicians combined their abilities to play a local Atlanta house party. The resulting performance was such a great success, they decided to follow up with more “shacktices.”

With over 40 years of combined experience, Kyle Brett, Mat Thomas, and Tim Trout began to further mesh and develop the new found sound. With the addition of Wes Griggs in early 2008, the creative collective was complete.

The resulting eclectic tones blend alternative, jazz, funk, rock, pop and blues into a unique musical style. Today you can find Half Blacklit Shack around town doing the same thing they do every night...

Kevin Harrison
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Kevin Harrison is a a singer/songwriter who was raised in the north, learned the ways of the south, and his journey is far from over. It is the road traveled thus far that inspires his acoustic guitar-based pop/rock style reminiscent of 90’s rock favorites like Hootie & The Blowfish.

“Lost & Found” is his debut, eight-song, album showcasing honest songwriting with lyrics that anyone can relate to--attempting to understand love, loss, and the journey to find oneself. See for yourself…Take a minute, sit back, and check it out. The passion of the album comes through even more powerfully in live performances. Whether in front of a crowd of 10 or 400, he always aims to connect with the audience to make each song a memorable experience and each show a night they won't forget.

colin hay
Colin Hay
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Themes of redemption and renewal come naturally to Colin Hay, as he is in the midst of a remarkable renaissance. While his voice and visage are still familiar to millions from his tenure as frontman, principal songwriter, and lead vocalist of pop sensations Men at Work (“Down Under,” “Overkill,” “Who Can It Be Now?”), the past ten years have found him quietly re-introducing himself to new generations of fans. The frequent use of his music on soundtracks – including the hit television show Scrubs (on which he has also had several cameos) and the sleeper-hit soundtrack to the film Garden State – has proven the timeless appeal of his songs’ personae: quizzical, curious, cynical yet open-hearted. Combine that with tireless touring and an ongoing successful partnership with Nashville-based indie Compass Records, and Hay is poised to enter a new phase in his already storied career.


Jason Hoang Nguyen
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Jason Hoang Nguyen was born to a physic teacher and a personnel officer. His love for music started at an early age when his aunts and uncles who were college student brought cassettes of the Beatles, Skid Row, ABBA and Madonna to his parents’ home. Jason taught himself to play guitar when he was 14. He started writing at the age of 17 in his college’s dorm out of boredom. Now, he’s making music in DC.

colin hay
J.J. Crowne
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
His songs weave tales of love, hope, loss and social consciousness. Reviewers have compared him to Tom Petty, Cat Stevens and Keith Urban, but his style and voice are unmistakably unique. The album has recently been nominated for "CD Of The Year" by and has received only excellent reviews from numerous publications thus far. Songs from the album, led by “Only Time,” are already in regular rotation in several European, U.K., Australian, Canadian and American radio markets, and are in rotation on over 60 internet radio stations.

Normally relegated as an ‘ace-in-the-hole’ behind-the-scenes musical ‘everyman’ - singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer J.J. Crowne - who has opened shows for country music superstars The Mavericks, composed and produced numerous radio jingles, theatrical music and television themes for major networks including Fox, PBS and Univision, as well as produced albums for up and coming artists – finally steps out on his own with the first worldwide release of “Songs Of Innocence And Experience.”

This astonishing debut album features a dozen well-crafted songs recently penned by this music veteran, weaving heartfelt tales of love, loss, hope and social consciousness into a potent musical brew of adult contemporary, soft rock, country and jazz/pop. The album abounds in thoughtful lyrics, lush harmonies, and catchy musical hooks, all written and arranged by J.J. - who not only sings all vocals, but plays all instruments and produced the album entirely on his own. A true labor of love, “Songs Of Innocence And Experience” is one man’s musical journey sure to pick up many passengers along the way.



On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Hypodive started in 2009 when JKLN, JV, and Chris got together with the idea to bring an amazing, energetic and positive experience to the stages of NYC and the world. The three joined up with Cedric Meyer in March 2010 to complete the band and move forward with their dream. JV, JKLN and Evan Rodaniche (Powerman 5000) then produced a CD with the band at emergency room studios in LA. Hypodive has a unique chemistry stemming from their highly diverse backgrounds of Canada, Venezuela, France, and America.

Because their musical influences are as different as their nationalities and they each have years of musical experience they have been able to create a sound that is uniquely attractive. Their stage presence is explosive to say the least. The band strives to have a captivating high energy performance on stage that makes their audience crave the experience again and again.

Kid Architect
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
In a world driven by routine, Kid Architect guarantees to energize worn-out musical repertoires. This frenetic foursome from Washington D.C. provides a refreshing musical outlet, especially to those looking for something out of the ordinary. Since 2008, the boys from Kid Architect have been cultivating their own unique brand of experimental rock. Driven by heavy piano, ethereal guitars, and a versatile rhythm section, Kid Architect delivers an explosive, clean, and undeniably catchy sound. Fronted by singer and keyboardist Thom Bridgwood, the band continues to propel their reputation up and down the east coast with powerful performances and a clear passion for life and music.

The combination of Kid Architect’s professionalism and creativity provides the band with the perfect foundation upon which they continue to grow their fan base. Eager to rock the local music scene, Kid Architect wasted no time in writing, recording, and self-releasing their first four-song EP, “PhilosoRaptor,” in March 2009. In slightly over a year, the band has distributed over 1,000 copies of their EP to receptive audiences in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Since then, Kid Architect has been featured in a variety of local media outlets such as On Tap magazine, Washingtonian magazine’s online entertainment blog “After Hours”, the Arlington Examiner, as well as an interview and radio play on WEBR Fairfax Radio. The band has successfully left a positive impression on the local music scene, catching the attention of fans, listeners, and media throughout the area.

The band is currently in the studio recording their highly anticipated debut full-length album and expects The Great Pretend to be released in fall of 2010.


Kil Star
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Kill Star was formed in 2010. Bassist, Derek Dufresne, first recruited long time friend and former bandmate, Brent Andres and with the addition of Purple on vocals are set out to share their music with the masses.

Members are separated by provinces, some living in Victoria, and some in Winnipeg. Writing and demoing material via the internet, and getting together for shows. All seasoned musicians and have played/recorded/toured together in previous bands over the years. This project has a raw, heavy and powerful sound that begs to be experienced live. The members all have extensive live, studio, road and video experience. They have shared the stage with numerous major label recording acts like Quiet Riot, I Mother Earth, Econoline Crush, Sass Jordan.. to name a few. Kill Star is in preproduction for their debut CD to be recorded in early 2011.

MacGyver Knife
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
MacGyver Knife are on the verge of releasing their debut album, Sewing Legend, this May. Combining over three years (2008 - 2011) experience in the South African music industry, this Cape Town-based indie rock outfit are ready to take their sound to the streets. MacGyver Knife is Mishal Pandie on vocals, Maahir Pandie on guitar and backing vocals, Zaheer Gaffoor on drums and percussion and Zaahier Kamedien on bass.

Stemming from a high school band that featured Maahir and Zaheer, Mishal and Zaahier were later signed on and the band spent almost a decade jamming in the garage. A bond of family and friendship saw the birth of MacGyver Knife in 2008.

Making their way across local Cape Town music venues, including Mercury Live and Zula Sound Bar, they gained momentum in 2009 and found their feet. Produced in that year, their debut music video, Why You Mean, earned them a nomination for Beste Nuweling in the 2010 MK Awards.

2010 saw MacGyver Knife spend much of their time recording Sewing Legend with sound engineer Teejay Terblanche at CoffeeStainedVinyl Studios. Their creative inspiration comes from various aspects of life; fiercely original, much of their material is abandoned if it starts to sound anything close to familiar.

With an already established loyal legion of fans, Macgyver Knife's ambitions lie on a national and perhaps even an international stage, sharing their feel-good indie rock, that's built on rolling-riffs and foot-tapping drum and bass, with the world.


Matt Koelsch
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Influences include: David Grey, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Kings of Leon, MGMT, Howie Day, Sublime, 311, Tom Petty, Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, The Bravery.

Performers on Recordings:
- Matt Koelsch - Vocals/Guitar
- Andy Herrera - Guitar/Production
- Bobby Romero - Drums
- Tom Appleman - Bass



Lazy Susan
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Anna-Christina, has a remarkable story to tell. The 8th of October 2005 is a good place to start... at around 2pm, the singer suffered a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. The shock hit hard. Her life stood on a knives blade for a few deadly months but it was not to be the end.Her operation and recovery was a miracle, though there were many grueling months ahead, Anna-Christina didn't take advantage of her bed rest but instead schemed and plotted her "spectacular comeback".

No words could describe her hardship and pure determination to return to music and by July 2006 she was back with a vengeance clawing out from the pit of despair and defying all odds, she made an astonishing comeback. She proved what a courageous little being she is. Not only was it a return to stage and a conquering of many obstacles driven by an extremely determined mind but something evidently had changed in the charismatic singer. Her spirit showed that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and her light was music.


Marco Maenza
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Italian blues virtuoso Marco Maenza from Italy started playing guitar at the age of 14, From the very beginning of his playing days Marco gravitated towards the blues rock style of guitar. To this day Marco continues to play in the style of blues rock that is now etched in his soul. Marco also keeps busy in his home studio composing and arranging music and making recordings.

On these home recordings Marco sings and plays all of the instruments while also sequencing the drum parts. In January 2009 Marco released his first solo album "A Whisper of Joy". Since the release of Whisper of joy Marco continues to record a constant flow of new music enabling him to Climb the ReverbNation Blues Charts and finding himself at the number 1 spot in Italy and as high as 4th on the global charts. On December 12 2007 Marco was featured artist of the day for Myspace. A blog was created to support Marco's music that at the time was only instrumental.

On October the 15th 2008 Marco was one again a featured artist of the day once again posting Marco's music and a support blog. On April 29th 2009 Marco was the featured artist on Smokin Tunz Radio. Smokin Tunz Radio played a few of Marco's songs and then reviewed them. On September 20,2009 Marco appeared on the Musicians Social Club's Blog Talk Radio program. He was interviewed and they also played some of his music. On October 25, 2009 Marco was again interviewed on radio by Jan Carroll at The Jan Carroll Show "The Lady Plays The Blues" on I

n May 2010 Marco released his second solo album "Stone House of Blues", it's a blues/rock album with original songs, melodic and powerful guitar, bluesy italian vocals. In August 2010 Marco was Featured Artist on the IMRadio Home Page. In October 2010 Marco released the third solo album "Midnite Train", a great pleasure for Marco has been the collaboration with Jan Carroll (she has written almost all the lyrics), an album with ten good blues and rock original songs.

On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Maninblack: aggressive, progressive Oi!, UK '77 style Punk and Skinhead Reggae from New York City, fronted by André Schlesinger, former singer of US/NYC Oi legend The Press, and under the manipulative managerial guidance of Garry Bushell. Maninblack is a hybrid of back engineered Hi-Tech Synth and overpowered Lo-Fi Streetpunk, both soulful and abrasive, provocative and intelligent. Maninblack brings Oi into the 21st Century with a unique sound and an authentic lineage, revolution from below and straight out of Babylon!

Mass Assembly
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Mass Assembly is an indie power rock band from Toronto, Canada. Their sound is heavily influenced by the Rolling Stones, the Stooges, Brian Jonestown Massacre, David Bowie, Richard Hell and Television.

Formed in June of 2009, the band has played several shows already. Through internet promotion, support from several podcasters/Radio Station and bloggers including Pure Rock Radio, IndieCan radio, Fat Cat Radio, Brock University Radio, University of Toronto Radio, CD Reviewer and Somojo Magazine, the four member outfit has amassed a dedicated global fan base.

They recently released their self-titled five song EP in February 2010 which is considered to be a indie/garage/pop punk rockin’ roll call to wake up and accept reality. With a vault full of demos they are set to produce another full album early 2011. They possess a hyper-charged yet spacious and colourful sound that will secure Mass Assembly in many listeners’ hearts. Let their music be an introduction to a musical world of life, hope and salvation.

Matt Rodela
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Matt’s original songs Halfway There and Live It Up have been featured on two compilation CD’s called Chill Out: East Coast Edition and Rock 4 Life; both released by Quickstar Productions. He has also been distributing a five-song demo and hopes to put out a full length album later in 2009. His live shows are not to be missed! You may find Matt playing three instruments at once using some fancy electronic wizardry, or he may be joined by other talented musicians on instruments such as flute, cello, sax, or percussion.

Mikey's Imaginary Friends
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Mikey's Imaginary Friends is a psychedeletronic art rock band influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix Experience, Harvey Danger, Primitive Radio Gods, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Their anthemic pop melodies and colorful instrumentals coincide with ironic (albeit honest) lyrics, reminiscent of "true" punk bands. The music of Mikey's Imaginary Friends is only a portion of their art. Their live performance includes a multi-media digital projection of images and video footage to further entrance the flood of dancers--Mikey included. The energy of their shows is never replicated, but they bring a fresh wave of passion with each new set.

“...Unique lyrics complimented the melodic uplifting beats and the crowd was riveted and glued to his every move. That is no bull shit.”
   -Ben Webster, Chicago Examiner

“The delicacy of each track is juxtaposed with raw anger and nostalgic dialogue that sings from the lost direction of growing up...”
   -Peter Jostrand, The Vice

“...Uncoventional. Its like Mars Volta on Vicodin.”
   -Ben Webster, Chicago Examiner


Abe Millett
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

Abe is currently the bassist for Third Eye Blind as well as a well-established solo singer/writer & piano player. His multi-instrumentalist talent is clear on his new song, Trains, from Abe's  debut album titled I Need You. His album will be dropping in late June on iTunes.

Says Millett, "I like music with the human touch. As much as new pop music can be catchy and be a formula that an artist can follow to insure some success - it's souless."

"Give me something played and sang by a person and not manipulated in a music editing program - that's not art or even real music to me - that's engineering! Maybe it's cool, but it's still engineering. I want music."

"I've been playing rock bass since I saw Oasis on MTV. But I have always been a musician. I've always been a writer and always been a singer...."


Kathleen Montaigue
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Kathleen Montaigue has been singing and performing since she was 8 years old in her Band, "Moontagu", consisting of her two brothers and father. She is now 19 (2010) and has become a force in the "singer/songwriter" genre. Kathleen is a guitarist and regularly teaches guitar to young people in her area of Wales.

Born in Australia, Kathleen grew up wild and free on the family farm in the North East of the state of New South Wales in the sub-tropics. She and her two brothers were home-schooled with the emphasis upon all aspects of music. Her Father, Erle had been a musician all of his life with several hit records to his name in Australia. Her Mother, Sandra is also a musician so the whole atmosphere was steeped in music, writing music and music production.
In 2003, the Montaigue family with their two dogs and publishing business, moved to Wales in the UK to continue with the music in the UK.
Kathleen works hard at several normal jobs in her local village in Wales in order to support herself. She then comes home and writes music or practices her singing and guitar, then goes out at night with her band to perform. So she is doing the "hard yards" the right way.

We are currently cataloguing all of Kathleen's songs at Moontagu Recording studio and her first solo CD Album "Green & Gold" is almost completed. Her songs are of the "Rock/Country" genre with some "Acoustic". Her voice suits the Rock Genre, however, she also has the ability to sing very gentle and melodic acoustic songs with only two guitars. Her songs are heartfelt with lyrics that actually mean something! Her melodies also come from the heart and they ARE melodies.

Kathleen continues to write from the heart and so far she has a catalogue of around 30 songs ready for production. Combine those with the catalogue of songs written by other members of Moontagu and she has an almost unlimited supply of solid potential hit records as well as quality album tracks.


The Neon Graveyard
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
The Neon Graveyard are a new Indie Rock n Roll five piece from London. Formed in 2010 when Gog, Bungle, John and Simon - formerly 4/5 of punk band Johnny Deptford - teamed up with new front man Tony.

They recorded their five track EP in December 2010 at Assault & Battery II Studios in London. This was drummer Simon's swan song and he left the band and moved to France. Matt Brandon recently joined on drums to complete the current line up. You can't quite pick their sound. It stirs memories of bands and genres spanning the last four decades but they don't sound like any one. Their punk influences still cut through giving a simple, raw edginess to the polished, catchy tunes. It's all very English; or is it?"



On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Paradox were formed in 1996 by brothers Pete Mac and Mike Mac in Cork, Ireland. Mike the older brother grew up listening to Guns n’ Roses, Metallica, the whole ...80’s metal phase and started playing guitar at an early age before switching to drums a few years before the band formed. 'Appetite for Destruction' was the album that turned Mike onto Music and Rock n 'Roll at the age of 8 and opened the doors to many more bands of that era. By the time Pete discovered music it was 1991 and the whole Alternative scene just started to take off.

'Corporate Pollution' is the third Paradox studio album displaying the bands most powerful sound to date. 11 songs were recorded and mixed in 9 days @ Data Recording Studios in County Kerry, Ireland. Just like the previous two Paradox albums brothers Pete and Mike Mac play all instruments. Pete plays all guitars, bass, vocals while Mike plays all drums, piano and vocal harmonies. They also co/produce the album. A few of the songs appeared as acoustic tracks on the Pete Mac solo album 'In Limbo' in 2009 (Emptiness, Bury the World, Serenity) but were re-recorded with drums and a full band sound for this album.

'Corporate Pollution' is the bands biggest loudest sound yet.


Jana Peri
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Music is a calling, says New York City rocker, Jana Peri. The question is whether or not you choose to accept the mission! Theres no doubt that Jana has been on a mission to rock since her teens.

With a critically lauded EP and hundreds of gigs under her studded leather belt, Jana has released her hotly anticipated debut album, Catching Flies With Vinegar (produced by renowned Ramones producer/co-songwriter Daniel Rey). Inspired by a lifelong love of The Beatles, Blondie and punk rock, Catching Flies With Vinegars twelve contagious tunes enthusiastically invite the attention of any music fan who wonders why pop music has become so tedious.

On this impressive disc, Jana Peris hook-heavy melodies, clever lyrics and mature, complex voice separate her from legions of musicians going only for formulaic success and mark her as singular. Janas potential to get listeners singing along is amazing and her ability to rock out is guaranteed.



the perms
The Perms
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
MThe Perms’ 5th studio album "Sofia Nights" is special. In an industry where bands are lucky to last past their first single, this group has stood the test of time and continued to find success in creating stick-in-your-head songs. Their friendship and shared passion for making music that matters has been the motivation that drives this band forward.

When The Perms started writing for the new album, it became clear that the band wanted to push the boundaries of their songwriting while keeping the hooks and energy that have created their own sound. There was a renewed sense of freedom and an “anything goes” mentality. The only rule was that the song was most important. If an idea worked, it was embraced. If it didn’t, the band quickly moved on. The band thrived in this creative atmosphere and the results were 10 fresh tracks that showcased the group’s ability to write harder-edged, hook-filled songs that effectively transfer over to their energetic live performances.

The Perms are an alt-rock trio from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The group is made up of Shane Smith (bass/vox),
Chad Smith (guitar, vox), and John Huver (drums). The band formed in 1998 and has released four albums prior
to Sofia Nights – Keeps You Up When You're Down (2009), Better Days (2005), Clark Drive (2002), and Tight Perm (1998).


Prospect Hill
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Prospect Hill released their first full length album titled “Out of The Ashes” in 2006. While the record generated some good buzz, ultimately their sound wasn’t quite where they wanted it to be.

As 2007 came around, so did a new lead singer. With the addition of Adam Fithian, Prospect Hill literally found the voice they had been looking for. With all the key players in place, the band began the process of putting a fresh demo together. With the release of a four track demo featuring newly penned tracks “Breakdown,” “Panacea,” “S.O.E.” and “Walk Home,” Prospect Hill took to the road with their electric live shows, touring relentlessly up and down the east coast, building a bigger and stronger fan base with each stop. As 2007 continued on, the process of recording their new album began to take shape.

Touring along such big name acts as Powerman5000 and Hinder, Prospect Hill dazzles audiences with their hard hitting new sound. In May of 2008, Prospect Hill released “For the Lovers, the Haters and the Dead.” The album featured Godsmack’s own Tony Rombola on the track “S.O.E.” The radio ready “Breakdown,” which also appeared on the demo released a year earlier was re-produced by renowned producer Anthony J Resta, whose previous credits include acts such as Collective Soul, Duran Duran and Elton John.

The Quick and Easy Boys
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
The Quick & Easy Boys are a power-trio from Portland, Oregon who create their own brand of rock 'n' roll mixing together honky-tonk, funk, and a DIY punk attitude. Imagine the Minutemen, Funkadelic and Willie Nelson rolled into one. Their high-energy thought-provoking original music provides a bounce to your step that can only lead to a whole lot of dancing.

In 2009, The Quick & Easy Boys finished a successful first tour of the United States. They continue traveling throughout the Western United States, opening for bands like The Bridge, Iglu & Hartly, The Pimps of Joytime, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Southern Culture on the Skids, Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies, Vince Herman, Scott Law and Shanti Groove. In 2010, they plan on performing throughout the United States and releasing a new CD in their quest to constantly re-invent “Honkadelic”. Faces will melt.

Raised by Television
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Raised by Television is a Portland, Oregon based independent DIY/DIT eclectic music collective consisting of Michael Miew, Maxwell Hunter, Eric August, and Sally Seven.

Created by Michael Miew, Raised by Television is an "all media, all genre project centered around the core belief that ideas are living entities and should evolve with the artist."

On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

 Modern Hard Rock with Vintage appeal!
"The most exciting thing for us is playing clubs in a town we've never been in and having the entire audience screaming our songs back to us"
  - Brian Giguere, Vocals

This is a show boys. Its all there. Modern Hard Rock with Pop sensibilities. Catchy and memorable hooks. Not just one hook, oh no. These guys just flat out go for it. One of the most exciting live rock shows from San Francisco in years...


On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

Radiolab is the name of an electronic duo from Frederick Maryland. Dane Di Pierro (programming/multi-intrumentalist) joined up with vocalist Meghan Redding in early 2010 and began work recording their first full length.

The band’s sound combines elements of electronica with more experimental rock sounds and samples from films. Radiolab will release their debut album in 2010 through Distrophonix.

Genya Ravan
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

“I Won’t Cry Anymore” the new single on Bongo Boy Records, written and produced by Gar Francis, unleashes a powerhouse with the vocal dominance of New York City icon Genya Ravan.

For those of you who don’t know, Genya lead the successful all girl group Goldie and the Gingerbreads in 1962 and was signed by Atlantic boss Ahmet Ertegun. A strong woman with a powerful voice she lead the horn based rock/fusion band Ten Wheel Drive in 1969. With numerous albums and singles to her name, she is still a major force to be reckoned with. “I Won’t Cry Anymore” recaptures that authentic R&B of yesteryear and gives the listener a ringside seat to the evolution of a sophisticated women’s strengths and emotions.

This new release by writer/producer Gar Francis is a sonically polished, deceptively effortless and relentless tune that is everything we've come to expect from his pen. Indeed, this is as close as we may get today to a true emotional blending by a talented songwriter and a legendary singer. “I Won’t Cry Anymore” celebrates liberation on all fronts with lead and background vocals from the pipes known as Genya, instantly recognizable guitar chunks & keyboards by Gar, smooth as dark chocolate bass by Danny Caruso, and precision drumming by rhythm king Bobby Chen. This third Bongo Boy release is again mixed by the Gar Francis/Kurt Reil team at the House of Vibes in Highland Park NJ and mastered by our favorite drumming Grip Weed. “I Won’t Cry Anymore” is available as a digital download at CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.

Rydell Reveen
Rydell Reveen
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

Rydell Reveen started his music business perseverance at the age of 16 years old, and he first started off with the percussion instrument playing to famous drummers like NIEL PEART , BILL BRUFFURD . PHILL COLLINS, and many more progressive rock music drummers back in the 80,s when the British invasion came around in the music industry. Rydell Reveen was born and raised in Miami Florida and now resides in Pembroke Pines Florida and has lived in Florida for much of his entire life. There came a time when Rydell Reveen wanted to write lyrics for the band but the band members did not take it to lightly that a drummer would have control of copyrights. But Rydell Reveen aspired to be more than what the band wanna be,s thought of him.

He then, after so many years of drumming, took up basic music theory classes in college and learned his lines and spaces as well as his treble clef and bass clef in one semester of class, as well as his time signatures. Rydell Reveen never reached a degree, but what he has in his mind and heart where yet to be revealed. It took him 19 years to develop his own style of composing music, after all it,s not what you do but how you do it, and that is exactly what Rydell Reveen had in mind. After many years of struggling with personal issues he finally reached his peak of control with music. Since Rydell Reveen always had a piano in his home from a very early age and the support of his dear mother for nearly all his life, he decided to stick to the electronic key board synthesizer, which by the the way Rydell Reveen also plays the guitar but did not start with the guitar from the get go.

Rydell Reveen published two NEW AGE albums in the year 2001 { Forgotten Paradise and Heart of the sunrise} when the internet was booming. Rydell Reveen would always stick by the classical music ambient feel of music because he always liked the spacey feel of things to come in the universe. But since Rydell Reveen was a percussionist he still liked though and heavy perpetual rhythmical patterns in his music. So up until this day Rydell Reveen has been writing songs with intense dynamic structures in them.

Rozich and Brailsford
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

Mike Rozich and Gavin Brailsford met at a local community college back in 1981 when Mike was looking for a bass player to join his band at that time. Gavin fit perfectly even though his strong music swayed towards jazz and fusion rock. Mike, on the other hand, leaned toward hard rock and progress rock as he was infatuated with artist such as Queensryche, Dream Theater, Yes and of course, Rush.

Both introduced each other to their style of music and began thus began the merging of two into one fused cell. Both Mike and Gavin stuck to their guns and didn’t budge from their unique sound they developed together. Currently Gavin lives in Thailand and works as a missionary while Mike is in Michigan. They communicate often and record remotely. Each plans to visit the other as their friendship and common bond will ways play a part in their lives.

Rozich and Brailsford create movies with their music. Open your ears and let your guard down for this duo. Their music is what is needed in the entertainment industry. Rozich and Brailsford are currently working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, CA


Secret Season
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes

Franco American alternative music duo with pop, rock and blues influences. The lyrics are original, poetic, the melodies are rhythmic and airy: eclectic guitars, sober and mysterious keyboards, beautiful vocal harmonies.


Shock Therapy
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Shock Therapy is an Russian independent alternative/modern rock band from Siberia, Novosibirsk. Four members strong, shock therapy is energetic, raw and unpredictable. For the last year, the music of Shock Therapy has taken many changes. It become more cutting edge and pure.
The band played powerful rock shows all around Russian.

Every year they are part of open air rock festivals, club rock festivals, concerts and other rock gigs. Shock Therapy boast of unique musical material, which is a mix of modern rock, strong melodies and some other explosive components for ultra live sound and real rock drive.

Their new single single "Where Have You Been" is playing at

Anton Tazhun - Vocal\guitar
Daniel Cross - Guitar
Andrey Sologub - Drums
Alex Makolkin - Bass\Vocal

A Social State
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
A Social State is a five piece alternative/rock band from Scranton, PA. The band has been together for less then a year but has already gained a great following in their hometown and around the northeast area. The band has received many compliments from both their fans and the media about their great sounding and melodic music as well as the fantastic vocals of their lead singer, Ed Cuozzo.

On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
On a cold and rainy night, on what seemed to be normal February evening, Michael Spaulding closed his eyes and fell asleep. After a very long, painful, and fitful sleep he woke with visions of the dark days of his past, broken memories of drug addiction, parental loss, and the pains of love and love lost. With these visions and memories fresh in his mind he began sculpting lyrics and music, which would turn into his debut solo EP "From Then To Now," on which Michael sang and played every instrument, with the exception of the drums, which were played by his producer Joe Merrick of Guilty Dog Studios.

With this album being his solo and vocal debut (having played guitar in the past for local Boston rock band Synj, along with many others) Michael’s vision of musical greatness became, to him, a more possible reality. After the release of “From Then To Now” Michael gathered an amazing collection of musicians to form a live band consisting of drummer Chris Tagliaferro, bassist Jay Dwire, and guitarists Rich Spates and Josh Goodno.

In less than 12 months from bands debut live show (which was to a sold out crowd) the now complete “Spaulding” has already accomplished much more than would normally ever be expected from a new band after only a year. Some of the highlights have been opening for national bands that include 3 Doors Down, Sevendust, Prong, Soulfly, Nonpoint, Puddle of Mudd, and Cold. Along with these live accomplishments,Spaulding has been featured on some of the most popular radio stations throughout New England, including 107.3 WAAF and Kiss 108, among many various local and college radio stations.

What started out as just a dream for Michael Spaulding has turned into what some critics in New England have called "The next Boston band to explode in the national scene." Now with a complete line-up, and the will to succeed at all costs, SPAULDING is determined to make it to the top!





On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
SplitRisk started out in the summer of 1985 as the cover band Icepick Willie. After doing numerous club gigs as a cover band they decided to form an original trio under the name SplitRisk in 1986. SplitRisk has performed numerous gigs in and around the Boston area since then. They have opened for many national and local artists throughout the 80's and 90's.

After a long hiatus they are back with a vengeance. The original line-up of Gary-guitar/vocals, Leo-drums/vocals,and Rich-bass/vocals is intact with the addition of Mike-guitar/vocals they are set to light up the stage. They are all seasoned musicians with a desire to re-create the excitement they generated years ago! With a solid list of originals and covers they can get the crowd going in any venue.


Subject to Thoughts
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Subject to Thoughts is a a two-man band called Subject to Thoughts from Brownsville, Texas & Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Subject to Thoughts was started in 1999, with the intention to create original thought-provoking music. Subject to Thoughts completed thier first cassette demo entitled "Outlook" on 2001, but with no vocals. On May 2003, they completed thier second cassette demo entitled "The Thought Process," and vocals were introduced for the first time. On August 2005, they completed my third full length demo entitled "From Emptiness to Beyond." This was the first time they had recorded onto CD format, so they considered it the first release. Then on July 2006, the second album "To Embrace the Light." was released. On March 2007, they decided to enlist a new vocalist into my project, and his name is Brandon Strader. He also plays the guitar solos. Then, on June 2007, our third CD entitled "From Sunrise to Sunset" was released. It received favorable reviews worldwide.  The newest release, The Culmination is available at Amazon and iTunes.

Tasting Grace
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Infusing the catchy sounds and appealing eye candy of pop with the melodic, mood driven force of rock, Tasting Grace is fine-tuning their own musical style for the 21st century. Fans of Evanescence and Linkin Park will notice a similar sound resonating from Tasting Grace. With a twisted combination of No Doubt and P!NK’s stage persona matched with a Madonna-like sensuality and grit, the dynamic of this group is palpable. Tasting Grace is fronted by singer/songwriter Jenna "Grace" Milano, “the hot blonde with a very strong and powerful voice that can definitely hold a candle to Evanescence singer Amy Lee,” according to Aquarian Weekly. Milano’s signature look shines through in vibrant stage attire, slinky dance moves, and a “rocker chick meets pop princess” attitude.

>From Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston and Bon Jovi to the new teen sensations The Jonas Brothers, New Jersey has been giving birth to one success story after another. Tasting Grace is especially grateful to have started out with a performance at the same place The Boss made famous; the band headlined one of their very first shows at the renowned Stone Pony in Asbury Park. The Pony is best known for kick-starting the careers of music icon Bruce Springsteen and, more recently, the pop-rock sensation My Chemical Romance.

“There’s something magical about the music of Asbury Park, especially at the Stone Pony,” said Milano. “I realized how special our performance was when we took the stage that night. To play inside the four walls that Springsteen made famous is an honor.”

Tasting Grace recently shared a spread in Steppin’ Out Magazine with Courtney Love, Snoop Dogg, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. "If you haven't seen this band you're missing out!" said celebrity journalist Chaunce Hayden. Tasting Grace has been featured on popular music websites including, a digital art district founded by System of a Down's bass player Shavo Odadjian, and, where their track “Lighting Candles in the Rain” was in rotation for several weeks. Their song "Ever After" was featured on music personality Matt Pinfield’s website. They have appeared in entertainment publications throughout New Jersey including Aquarian Weekly and The Signal.

The band recently completed a short promotional tour of Puerto Rico in support of their latest work, “Alter Ego.” Embracing the digital transformation of the music industry, the band has overhauled to feature regularly updated content including music downloads, live performances, ringtones, tour dates, band merchandise, song lyrics and exclusive behind the scenes moments. Their upcoming album release commences a new era for the band and lead singer Jenna "Grace" Milano. Tasting Grace embraced their “Alter Ego” last Fall and welcome fans old and new to come join in on this adventure.


The Unravelling
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
The Unravelling is an eclectic progressive rock/metal duo from Calgary, Canada. Inspired by diverse artists such as Dead Can Dance, Tool, Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Arcana, Jeff Buckley and Dillinger Escape Plan, the Unravelling's music ranges from the engaging and inviting to the aggressive and controversial. Their Tibetan protest video for "Fire Breather" went viral on Youtube with well over 30,000 views. A confidante of the band remarked that "The Unravelling sounds like the illegitimate love child of Lisa Gerrard And Zack de la Rocha". Pure Grain Audio describes their sound as "tactfully diverse music that’s overflowing with a bloodthirsty passion." The Unravelling have opened for acts such as Helmet and Bison BC. SMN News says "The Unravelling have created a cult-like following", and Music Connection Magazine named them in their top 25 new music picks of 2009.

The project's founder and instrumentalist, Gustavo De Beauville, composes and records the music while singer Steve Moore (of Inner Surge & Post Death Soundtrack) writes the lyrics and vocal parts. Having moved to Calgary from Barbados in 2006, Gus spent the greater part of 2007 composing the material for the first album. "Until meeting Steve in the fall of 2008 - I had not met any musicians who were this driven and hungry for progress. He definitely inspired me to be as industrious as I could in the pursuit of music." says De Beauville.

The debut full length album "13 Arcane Hymns", a psycho-analytical concept album in the tradition of Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Nine Inch Nails's "The Downward Spiral" and Faith no More's "Angeldust", was released May 13, 2010. The album features many reoccurring lyrical themes, particularly the theme of being buried alive and presumed dead, then crawling your way out, and "moving forward". "13 Arcane Hymns" was nominated for 3 Alberta Metal Awards and topped CJSW's Metal Charts in July 2010. Music can be heard at


Third Eye Blind
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Hard core fans are cult-like in their fanaticism for the music and most every detail of the band. Fans meet up at live shows, connect on Facebook and at Assembly, the "official" social network of Third Eye Blind. Underground networks abound in this passionate, if not obsessed community.

Third Eye Blind continues to define all that has become true indie rock. From the "band to fan" approach in intimate venues across the globe to a direct distribution of music model through their own label, Mega Collider Records, Third Eye Blind is synonymous with indie rock.

If anything, Third Eye Blind is a band in constant transition. Early members Arion Salazar and Kevin Cadogan were replaced by the likes of guitar virtuoso Tony Fredianelli. With the recent exodus of Tony and the introduction of Kryz Reid to the Band, the evolution of the band continues.

The Theme
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Mod has re-invented itself in every generation. We love the music, we love the clothes, but this is our music and this is our sound…

The Theme - a South London fusion of Brit-Pop and post-Punk Modrock! This is not sixties flower-power, it's hard-hitting rock music in the best traditions of Mod-Revival Powerepop.

We're not trying to re-invent the wheel, we just wanna play some rock and roll. The stage is set, this is our time…the Theme is Mod!


Two Earth Hours
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Two Earth Hours was founded by Scott Jackson, a music student under the tutelage of his songwriting teacher David Randle. Drawing influence and inspiration from Third Eye Blind, Scott began writing lyrics and music. He then took the musical portions of the songs to David whom he utilized as co-writer and producer. Using his keen ability to improve songs while still keeping his students’ original visions, David molded the songs into the versions that you now hear.

Scott and David then recruited the top musical talents in their hometown of San Diego (including Skelpin’ frontman Tim Foley on vocals) and recorded "About Anya". The end result is a debut perfectly in tune with Scott's original vision, even yielding comparisons in sound to Scott's original source of inspiration: Third Eye Blind (Troubadour, November 2009). Furthermore, the combination of thoughtful lyrics, straightforward yet unique instrumental flourishes and Foley's excellent vocals yielded this same write-up to declare Two Earth Hours "a new music scene in the making."


On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Award winning Contemporary Christian band UR1, based just outside Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee, entertains youth and adults with powerful alternative Christian rock music. Spreading the Good News of God’s grace is UR1’s message in the song “Never Too Late”. UR1 has accepted God’s call to spread His word through music, lyrics, and message.

UR1’s music is entertaining as well as spiritual. It is music committed to reaching the heart with inspired lyrics performed by skilled musicians anointed to the call. Emotional vocal strength is provided by veteran rock performer/guitarist Roger Revette, along with powerful and sophisticated drumming by percussionist Todd Lyles, and master 6-string bass player Steve Hedge complete UR1. UR1 blends musical energy and experience with professional delivery insuring the entertainment of audiences of all ages

van ghost
Van Ghost
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
For nearly a decade Michael Harrison Berg of Van Ghost was a behind the scenes type of guy. Having poured his energy into his ventures as a concert promoter and band manager, little was left over for personal creative endeavors.

That all changed in 2007 when Berg’s close friends encouraged him to revisit the acoustic guitar he put down in his younger days and asked him to perform a song at their wedding. Melding the inspiration from the many talented bands he has worked with and his own passion for music, the singer returned to his roots. He began writing songs, drawing from his life experiences, creating a heartfelt and staggeringly honest perspective. After building up a solid repertoire of poppy folk ballads, gritty Americana tunes and classic rock laced jams, Berg called on his dear friend Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), and they collectively assembled an all-star cast of musicians and named the project Van Ghost.

With an exquisite 5 piece band flavored with psychedelic guitars, an earth shattering rhythm section, & haunting guy/girl harmonies, the band played it’s debut show before a packed audience at Chicago’s revered Metro in January 2008. It was an auspicious beginning for one of world’s most promising new acts.

Following up their debut record, “Melodies For Lovers”, on Split Red Records, the band headed down to Nashville, TN to begin the tracking of their next release “The Domino Effect” for Dustimmoff Records (a start up label with Split Red owner Timm Martin & 2009 Grammy winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer Justin Niebank). With Justin Niebank at the helm the bands sound continues to develop and expand. Berg has established that he is as comfortable operating under the spotlight as he is behind the curtain. With Van Ghost, he sets out to inspire music fans the same as other artists have inspired him – one song at a time.


On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
VerseCity officially became a full band in January of 2008. Since then they have played along side of National Acts Cobra Starship, Frankie J, & We The Kings.

In July of 2009 VerseCity entered a Nation-Wide Battle of the Bands Contest through Hard Rock Cafe featuring 400+ unsigned & indie bands. VerseCity fought through several rounds before coming in Second place Nationally. VerseCity released it's First album "Epic Sunrise" in March of 2009 which can now be purchased in 9 different countries. VerseCity is a young (ages 19 - 24) but Hard working group of musicians who inspire to keep Rock in todays pop driven market among other young bands.

VerseCity also inspires to inspire others with the gift of song . Weather it be emotionally, intellectually, or just by Rockin your face off, VerseCity will do whatever it takes to gain your support & respect! Believe in VerseCity!

Voice of Addiction
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Voice Of Addiction takes on the attitude the the punk rock revolution instilled in us, but infuses it with ska breakdowns. Sometimes described as a "unique refreshing slant to the rock world." Voice Of Addiction's members put their distinct personalities and experiences into the instruments they play and the music they write. V.O.A.'s music has an immense presence that builds tension and releases it at the most opportune times. V.O.A. released their full-length self-titled album in 2004 and is continue to promote it independently. Voice Of Addiction is included on the compilation released by Skratch Magazine at the end of November 2005 featuring such artist’s as Anti-Flag, Allister and Under Oath. This has been distributed nationwide throughout record stores. V.O.A. recorded an EP the end of December 2005 simply titled EP 2005 and continues to distribute it promotionally. In June 2006 released “A New Religion” and promoted it with a 5 week 5000 mile east coast/Canadian tour.


Who Are the Southern Baptists?
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Three kids raised in the shadow of Washington DC with a taste for Punk Rock, Alt Country, Indie Songwriting, and hard liquor. We will sleep on your couch, play in your basement, finish your beer and drunk dial you tomorrow. Our sound floats anywhere from Folk Punk to neoAmericana—we also do that Grateful Dead song. So, come on out to a show, pick up a copy of Communion, and help us figure out, Who Are The Southern Baptists?


Teddy Woodward
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
Teddy is a singer songwriter from Franklin, Tennessee, right outside of Nashville. He grew up in Baltimore, spent time in L.A., and eventually ended up in Nashville. After a few years in Nashville, he got a job working for legendary record producer "Cowboy" Jack Clement. Hanging around at Cowboys' were people like Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash, John Hartford, and a who's who of great Nashville musicians.
While he has had a few minor cuts, the best known song of his was done at the end of a session in Nashville. The musicians (all well known) had enjoyed his songs, and wanted to do another, even though the time they were paid for was LONG since up.

They decided on a song called "I'm Not a Criminal", a comment on America's marijuana laws. Apparently, the Almighty wanted the song to be, bcause they NAILED it on the first take! Johnny Neel and Kenny Malone, Nashville legends, did a few overdubs, and the strange odyssey of "I'm Not a Criminal" began. It was the early years of the internet, and the song got around to activists, and we were invited to play Hemp-Aid 2000 at Rainbow Farm in Vandalia, Michigan. A year and a few months later, the owners of Rainbow Farm were dead, murdered by the FBI and the Michigan state police. There has since been an article in Playboy about the shooting, and a book has been written aout it.

At this point, ESPECIALLY to any musicians reading this, these were GREAT GUYS. The first time we played there, they paid us $1300.00 EXTRA. When was the last time MOST of you had anybody pay you MORE than they owed you. It was just one of MANY injustices our government inflicts on innocent people all the time.
The song was then included on a CD from, their best of the best from around the world of marijuana related music. Teddy continues to play, write, and record and pitch his songs, as well as play gigs from time to time.

Year Long Disaster
On-Air Band/Artist: Yes
The band had its beginnings in 2003 when guitarist and singer Daniel Davies, son of Dave Davies of The Kinks, met bassist Rich Mullins of Karma to Burn in a Hollywood grocery storIn November 2004, they went to the Scene Bar in Glendale, California to see a band called Hours and Minutes with drummer Brad Hargreaves of Third Eye Blind fame (unbeknownst to the band at the time).

Daniel and Rich asked Brad to have a jam. Around that time Third Eye Blind was asked to play as the Kinks on the show American Dreams. Brad was intrigued with the fact that Davies was son of the Kinks' real-life lead guitarist, and the two became friends and continued jamming under the name of Year Long Disaster.






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